Web Design

Kajoe Projects is a prominent web-design Company, staffed by some friendly folks who’d love to help you realize your online potential.

Why you need a professional web designer

No matter how much useful information you put into your Website, a visitor will only spend a few seconds scanning it before he/she decide whether to leave or to stay.

We make sure that your point is in the very first sentence of the each page on your website. This makes us the best web design company among all others. Below is how we work with you to develop your website

Decide a domain name

A name that best describes your business


The shorter the domain, the easier for it to be remembered by your clients, we register all international domain names like .com,.net, .bix, .info, .digital, .org, .us,.co.ug, .ug and so many more..

Choose a Web hosting Provider

The company to host your website

Kajoe Projects Hosting Services

We provide scallable and affordable hosting services, with unlimited space, unlimited emails, up to 1TB bandwidth and so much more. Choose Kajoe Projects Ltd and avoid companies that host websites and close a few months latter.

Choose a designer

Decide the layout, colors & look of your website


At this stage, choose a professional designer, Kajoe Projects has the best web designer with complete knowledge of your specs and layout. We have excellent custom made templates so rest assured that you wont find your website design duplicated anywhere.



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